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Issue: 1.1 : Spring / Printemps : 1990

These Images Which Rain Down Into The Imaginary by Ron Burnett
The Martin Walsh Memorial Lecture 1988

The Life and Death of Authorship in Wim Wenders' The State of Things by Catherine Russell

From the Rearview Mirror to Twenty Minutes Into the Future: The Video Image in Videodrome and Max Headroom by William C. Wees

Kant's Station; The Lumières' Train: Seeing Things By Means Of Film by Evan William Cameron

Filmographic Analysis and Early Cinema by André Gaudreault

The Failures Of Nationalism And Documentary: Grierson And Gouzenko by Scott Forsyth

Relations with the United States Film Industry by John Grierson :: Edited by William Wees

André Gaudreault. Du littéraire au filmique, systeme du récit. Lea presses del l'Université Laval - Méridiens Klinckieck, 1988, 200 pp.
Reviewed by Jean-Claude Jaubert

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