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Issue: 6.2 : Fall / Automne : 1997

The Romances of the Blonde Venus: Movie Censors Versus Movie Fans by Janet Staiger

Protecting the Exotic: Atom Egoyan and Fantasy by Paul Coates

Toward a Non-Euclidean Cinema: Kieslowski and Literature by R.J.A. Kilbourn

An Aborted Revolution, A Stillborn Generation: Generational Politics and Gender Relations in Pé ter Gothár's Time Stands Still by Marek Haltof, Donald Smith

The Missing Mythology: Barthes in Québec by Scott MacKenzie

Of Sport and Men by Roland Barthes :: Translated by Scott MacKenzie

Christopher Garbowski, Krzysztof Kieslowski's Decalogue Series: The Problem of the Protagonists and Their Self-Transcendence. Columbia University
Press, 1996. 121pp.

Reviewed by Janina Falkowska

André Bazin. Bazin at Work: Major Essays and Reviews from the Forties and Fifties. Routledge, 1997. 252 pp.
Reviewed by Bart Kalnay

Alan Woods. Being Naked Playing Dead: The Art of Peter Greenaway. Manchester University Press, 1996. 300 pp.
Reviewed by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi

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