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Brenda Longfellow

  • Issue: 1.2 : 1991 : Review : Gaylyn Studlar. In the realm of pleasure: Von Sternberg, Dietrich and the Masochistic Aesthetic. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1988.
  • Issue: 5.2 : 1996 : Article : Globalization and National Identity in Canadian Film
  • Issue: 8.1 : 1999 : Article : Hyperbolic Masculinity and the Ironic Gaze in Project Grizzly
  • Issue: 10.2 : 2001 : Article : Introduction
  • Issue: 10.2 : 2001 : Article : The Red Violin, Commodity Fetishism and Globalization
  • Issue: 13.1 : 2004 : Article : Counter-Narratives, Class Politics and Metropolitan Dystopias: Representations of Globalization in Maelström, waydow
  • Issue: 22.1 : 2013 : Article : Introduction
  • Issue: 22.1 : 2013 : Article : The Practice of Memory and the Politics of Memorialization: Denis Villeneuve’s Polytechnique

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