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  • 1.1 : 1990 : PDF: Relations with the United States Film Industry by John Grierson Edited by William Wees
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  • Relations with the United States Film Industry

    by John Grierson

    Abstract: No abstract available.In view of the continuing debates concerning John Grierson's influence on film policy in Canada, the Editorial Board considered it appropriate to make accessible the following, previously unpublished, memorandum prepared by Grierson for the Department of External Affairs. (Grierson's published essay, "A Film Policy for Canada", was recently reprinted in D. Fetherling, ed., Documents in Canadian Film (Peterborough: Broadview Press, 1988).) This contemporaneous memorandum was included as an Appendix to the Minutes of the National Film Board, 28 December 1944 (Public Archives of Canada, File RG 27 Vol. 852), and is marked "Confidential".
    A s an additional note o f interest, two further articles on Grierson have recently been published: Jose Arroyo, 'flohn Grierson: Years of Decision," Cinema Canada, 169 (December 1989) pp. 15-19; and, Peter Morris, "Praxis into Process: John Grierson and the National Film Board of Canada," Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Vol 9, No.3 (1989) pp. 269-282.

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    PDF: cj-film-studies11_Grierson_relations.pdf