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  • 18.2 : 2009 : PDF: “Fifteen Years of French Cinema” by André Bazin Translated by Bert Cardullo
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  • “Fifteen Years of French Cinema”

    by André Bazin

    Abstract: No abstract available.Translator's Introduction: The following article was first a lecture delivered by Bazin in Warsaw, Poland, in November 1957; it was later published in French in Le Cinéma français de la liberation à la nouvelle vague (Paris: Éditions de l’Étoile, 1983, pp. 19-29). “Fifteen Years of French Cinema” is translated into English here for the first time, with the kind permission of Éditions de l’Étoile and the late Janine Bazin. This essay focuses on the critical years from 1942 to 1957, during which French cinema reinvented itself after the war. Bazin discusses the continuities and discontinu- ities between the pre-war and post-war cinema, highlighting the work of many key auteurs and their relationships to neorealism and American cinema, as well as French literature and painting. His examination of the cinema of postwar France is couched in the distinctive terms of a national cinema that underwent a “major sea change” in 1941 and provides a more nuanced discussion than Truffaut’s notorious dismissal of the period as “le cinéma de papa.”

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    PDF: cjfs18-2_cine-doc_bazin-fifteen-years-of-french-cinema.pdf