“The chaos of the mind cannot constitute a reply to the providence of the
universe. All it can be is an awakening in the night, where all that can be heard is
anguished poetry let loose. ”
— Georges Bataille, Literature and Evil

Greek Chaos (the gap between heaven and earth) births Gaia (earth) and Eros (sexual desire) which procreate to make other deities. Under the acceleration of modernity we encounter the relentless accumulation of knowledge without understanding or grounding. We sense our own bodies and feel the threat of chaos loom in the mass of ambivalent sensations that rise into our perception. We embrace chaos and its vicissitudes, asking to be demolished by its operations so we can be reborn – or die – anew.

For our inaugural graduate conference we invite you to think of chaos as a space of potential for re-shaping dominant modes of engaging with the world. How does art diffuse or activate chaos? In what ways do mythological formulations of chaos speak to our present moment? How does your artistic/scholarly work respond to, react against, or embrace chaos?

We are seeking traditional and non-traditional forms of presentation: Papers, screenings, performances, animation, workshops, theatre, puppetry, curatorial projects, sound work, poetry, DJA/J sets, light works, papers, live body horror, sculpture, relational aesthetics, stripteases, pataphysical contemplations, weddings, rituals, massages, parties, beckonings, radio plays, podcasts, found drama – as befits a conference on chaos, the options are limitless.

  • Geopolitics and the mapping of chaos
  • Quantum chaos and chaos in scientific fields
  • Gendered and affective dimensions of chaos
  • Competing cosmologies and mythologies of chaos
  • Ontologies of chaos, e.g. Mallarme’s Un coup de dés
  • Chaos magic, conspiracy, and the supernatural
  • Politics of chaos: anarchism and its lineages
  • Performances of chaos, e.g. John Cage
  • Phenomenologies of chaos: noise, pareidolia, madness

Submit proposals of up to 500 words to sccs.filmandmediagraduate@gmail.com by May 10, 2022. The conference will be in-person in Kingston, Ontario. Individual and collaborative proposals are welcome. You can include images and audio in your proposals, and please let us know your tech needs. If you require alternative submission formats, please let us know.


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