The dates for this conference have been moved to March 21-22, 2024, in order to double-up with this year’s Crossing Borders, a multi-disciplinary student conference.

As a result, the CFP for the Two Days of Canada conference is being circulated once again, with a new deadline for proposals: February 2, 2024.

Call for papers – By February 2, 2024.
Liminal spaces: Two Days of Rural Canada
Seeing Canada though a rural lens; the places in‐between

When considering Canada, most people think of Canadian cities or the wonder of its vast wilderness. We often overlook, sometimes literally, rural Canada, those spaces in‐between. We fly over them and drive through them, but don’t often stop to consider what the people and the places contribute to Canada as a nation. While most of Canada’s landmass is rural, more than 80% of its population is urban, leading to this significant social disconnect.

This conference will consider the world between the cities and the wilderness, those liminal spaces, and the people, culture, politics, and issues of concern within them. We invite scholars from a range of disciplines who are examining life in rural Canada. Topics can include but need not be restricted to the following themes:

  • Immigration in rural Canada
  • Indigenous communities in rural Canada
  • Canada’s rural politics
  • Socializing in rural Canada
  • Health care in rural Canada
  • History of rural spaces in Canada
  • Rural‐urban tensions

We invite individual papers or panel proposals.

For an individual paper proposal, please submit an abstract of your presentation (maximum 250 words) and a one‐page CV identifying institutional affiliation and key scholarly contributions.

For a panel proposal, please provide a brief abstract for each presentation (max 250 words each) and a brief overview of the theme of the panel (max 250 words) along with short biographies of each presenter (also max 250 words). We expect all sessions to be maximum 90 minutes regardless of the number of presenters in a proposed panel.

We welcome and encourage students, so do not be deterred if your CV is yet to be filled with the remarkable contributions you will someday make.

Please send all proposals and inquiries to Dan Malleck, Director, Centre for Canadian Studies through the Centre’s email address: by February 2, 2024.


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