FMSAC is seeking volunteers to help organize the 2024 FMSAC Virtual Graduate Colloquium. To encourage decentralization, experimental research forms, and curb the increasing costs and environmental impact of travelling across Canada, we’ve opted for a virtual colloquium this year. A virtual colloquium provides an opportunity to experiment and deviate from the standard conference-style presentation format that the Graduate Colloquium has taken over the years with possibilities ranging from roundtables with shorter five-minute papers on a shared topic and/or video essays and other forms of creative inquiry.

The steering committee would be graduate student-directed with mentorship from senior faculty in the field/on the FMSAC executive. This position would entail a commitment of approximately four months, from the drafting and release of the colloquium CFP, through adjudication of submissions, to virtual hosting of a winter colloquium (possibly early March, to be confirmed).

Interested members can e-mail the FMSAC graduate representative Meghan Romano <> directly for more information. We hope to have our first meeting in late November, so get in touch as soon as possible.


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